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Improving the Call Center Experience

In business today, the customer's experience is crucial; excellent communication and effective solutions will increase revenue and gain customer loyalty. Angry customers who are forced to wait for an extended period on hold, or who are subjected to multiple transfers to different departments, will begin looking elsewhere and your brand will suffer.

Reduce Hold Time

When customers contact your call center, they are usually already frustrated by the issue they are experiencing with your product or service. Why exacerbate the situation by making them wait on hold for a long period of time?

Offering self-help solutions to callers via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can often reduce the work-load on your live agents. These don't have to be long drawn-out menus with multitudes of options. Provide your customers with clear and to-the-point options for obtaining the information they need. Customers can check balances, track packages, or pay bills without help from a contact center representative. This helps cut the amount of redundant calls while call center agents solve other, more complicated issues.

In the event customers opt to speak with a live representative, ensure you set their expectations by announcing their position in line, and average hold times. This gives customers the option of deciding the wait it out, or hanging up and trying another time or method of communication.

Effective Routing

Today's call center ACD platforms provide a wide range of skill-based routing and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities. Use them! One of the greatest complaints of customers stems from having to provide the same information over and over after having been transferred around within the same company.

Alternate Communication Options

Offer customers an easy way to communicate with your company. Many will opt to call, however, some may prefer to utilize chat, email, social media, or online access to their account via your website. These features provide customers with several different alternatives to interact, making it easier for them to get answers, while reducing the load on your customer service representatives.

The Bottom Line
Ultimately, these strategies can benefit your contact center's customer experience by:
  • Improving the average speed of answer
  • Reducing abandoned calls
  • Mitigating caller frustration
  • Gaining efficiency
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Call centers who utilize these features effectively can see a significant improvement in image and customer satisfaction. Customer service plays a major role in customer satisfaction and loyalty; a poor experience can impact a customer's choice to return and their willingness to recommend your products and services to others.

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