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Healthcare Solutions
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Enablx supports a variety of solutions in the healthcare and insurance spaces, including co-pay reduction programs, automated enrollment and processing, access to policy information, and more. Enablx works with its partners to execute the entire solution, from program design and development, to implementation, and ongoing management.

Health Care Prescribing

Prescribing Information

Provide important product and prescribing information where required by regulatory guidelines. Free up your live agents by utilizing Enablx to professionally record PI, so information can be made available via automated telephone-based IVR applications.

Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment

Enrolling patients in programs sponsored by your organization can provide valuable opportunities to build brand loyalty through long-term relationships, while ensuring your patients receive the highest standard of care. Enablx offers automated enrollment via telephone or the internet, with live assistance optionally available to assist patients.

Health Care Refill

Refill Reminders

Enablx develops customized Patient Care Programs for our clients which offer resources and savings to patients, while promoting use of your products through discount card offers, patient reminder programs, and informational materials.

Health Care Claim

Claim Status

Dialing into the system or logging onto the web can provide callers with information on claims (received, paid, general status). The caller is required to enter the appropriate claim number and necessary identification.

Health Care Patient Survey

Patient Information Surveys

Customer feedback on new products is very important to pharmaceutical companies. Consumers participate in detailed surveys in order to assist with market research.

Health Care Policy Holder

Policy Holder Information

Callers who dial into this system or log onto the web are requested to enter their policy number and some other specific identifying information for security purposes. Callers can then use the system to obtain answers to questions and general information.

Health Care Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card / Coupon / Discount Offers

Discount and co-pay reduction programs can encourage use of your products by offering discounts to patients who enroll in your program. These programs expand access to your products through savings and rebate programs, while building customer loyalty. Patients call the automated IVR activation line or access the online web site to determine eligibility and activate their loyalty card. Cards are activated in real-time, providing patients with prescription discounts at their local pharmacy within minutes.

Health Care Prescription Approval

Prescription Approvals

For certain drugs to be available to patients, both physicians and pharmacists must have the necessary approvals to proceed. The approved physicians must be entered into the system, so that when pharmacists call and input their DEA numbers, the system can provide the dispensing authorities with the appropriate approvals.

HealthCare Solutions