Public Sector Solutions

Public Sector Solutions
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Enablx has reduced operating costs for state agencies by deploying and managing multiple web and telephone based solutions. These provide taxpayers and local agencies access to information regarding their filing status, tax rates, and more, while reducing administrative overhead on the part of state government organizations.

Public Sector Reporting

Local Jurisdiction Reporting & Information

Enablx provides local taxing authorities secure web based access to state distribution reports, tax rates, and business accounts. Access additionally includes limited access to information via telephone-based IVR applications. Contact us to discuss developing a customized solution.

Public Sector Automated Tax

Automated Tax Processing & Return Status

Taxpayers with uncomplicated State income tax returns can use the telephone or web to complete their tax returns. Users are asked to provide personal and W2 information, so that the system can calculate the amount of tax or refund due and provide the necessary information to the state. The state will then process a bill or refund and mail it to the taxpayer.

Public Sector Taxpayer

Taxpayer Access to Forms & Information

A state authority provides its citizens with free tax assistance by IVR and web help desk using a common relational database. Taxpayers choose from a menu of topics and subtopics that explain the relevant tax-related topics. Tax filing status, PIN management, forms availability and general questions are all addressed through a computer-related system responsive to tax filers' needs. Tax rates for city, county and state jurisdictions are available to business callers through telephone and web technology.

Public Sector Solutions