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Dashboard Statistics
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View application statistics, transaction volumes, and other metrics via our secure online dashboard. These interactive reports and business intelligence tools enable clients to manage and track application usage and statistics on a real-time basis.

  • Dashboard Statistics

    Reporting & Statistics - Enablx provides a suite of standard reports that will meet typical transaction and monitoring needs of most customers. Real-time and historical charts display transactional information and analytics for your Call Center, IVR, and web - based programs.

  • Dashboard Call Routing

    Call Routing - Whether you are experiencing an outage or need to activate a complex routing scenario, use our IVR tools to re-route calls to alternate destinations on-the-fly.

  • Dashboard Reporting

    Prompts & Announcements - Our dashboard enables customers to record and upload new prompts to their hosted IVR applications in real-time! No need to wait for change orders or implementation time-frames.

  • Dashboard Data Management

    Data Management - All data collected and stored on our systems can be utilized to generate custom reports and exports based on your unique requirements.

  • Dashboard External Integration

    External Integration - Organizations running IVR or Call Center applications on Enablx infrastructure, but running their web applications in-house, can still push and view web-statistics via the Enablx dashboard. Contact us for real-time web-service integration details.

  • Dashboard External Integration

    Custom Tools - Customized dashboard tools can be developed to support your unique needs. Contact us to discuss our quick turn-around and flexible technology options.

Dashboard statistics