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Social Media in the Call Center

As technology improves so should a business’ customer service strategy. While a large part of customers choose to contact customer service via telephone, it doesn’t stop others from looking for help elsewhere. With the growth of social media, some customers are searching online for answers using Twitter, Facebook, and other resources. A call center that can provide services on the web will provide customers with a better customer service experience.

Social media is a powerful tool that call centers can use by sharing ideas with both current and potential clients, by addressing controversial topics, by spreading the word, and more. This can help businesses learn who their targeted consumers are and how to better interact with them. Listed below are some key steps call centers should follow in order to succeed in social media.

Monitor Social Media

Social customer care begins by monitoring where your customers post online. Most updates being shared are bad experiences and complaints that are read by millions of individuals across the web. Call centers should provide social media monitoring tools, which help agents find posts by querying a list of keywords or keyword phrases. Call centers can easily interact with consumers providing service or support, as well as deal with customer complaints before any go viral. Most competitors aren’t using social media for customer service; by monitoring social media, businesses can stand out and gain customers by a click of a button.

Updating Content

Instead of searching for discussions online, a call center can create groups or pages within the social media community. Updating these pages can help customers interact amongst themselves, while being monitored by a customer service agent. In addition, agents can post pictures, corporate events, press releases and other information that can be helpful to the consumer.

Proper Training

Not every call center has social customer care agents who have the experience and knowledge for the position. A customer service agent that uses social media in their personal life needs to be trained how to use it in the corporate world. When selecting a call center, choose one with agents who have the knowledge and experience to engage with different types of customer behaviors within social media.

Social Customer Care Agents are trained on:
  • How to monitor the web
  • When and how to respond to social networking sites
  • Getting personal
  • Being social
  • Proper grammar and punctuation

A successful contact center needs to be where their clients are. Adding more options for customers to communicate with sales or support can make their lives easier.

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