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The Benefits of Quality Call Center Services in the Health Care Industry

After a medical diagnosis, communication plays the key role in treating one’s health. Therefore, communication must be organized in a manner that patients find interactive ... Read More

Improving the Call Center Experience

When customers contact your call center, they are usually already frustrated by the issue they are experiencing with your product or service. Why exacerbate the situation ... Read More

Social Media in the Call Center

As technology improves so should a business’ customer service strategy. While a large part of customers choose to contact customer service via telephone, it does not ... Read More

Enablx Customer Service Quotes

At Enablx we practice what we preach by offering great customer service with a personal touch. Here is a collection of 25 inspiring and useful customer service quotes... Read More

Live Support vs Self Service - Choosing the Right Approach

Call center managers everywhere will forever be faced with the tension between providing personal high-quality customer service, and running a cost-effective operation... Read More

Creating Customer Loyalty... The Enablx Way...

Customers today are more knowledgeable than ever. They know what they want and demand the very best from us each and every time. Successful organizations with massive customer loyalty know it takes... Read More

Usage of Call Center Acronyms

Call centers use numerous acronyms to define and measure the relationship between customers and customer service representatives, also known as call center agents... Read More

Enablx's Best Practices...Call Center Statistics or Contact Center Performance Metrics?

There is a difference between statistics and performance metrics. Both are very helpful to the call center but are used in two different ways. Statistics are used to show what the current status of the agent or group and performance metrics show how well the agent or group is performing. Statistics can provide a view of what is happening in the call center right now, for the interval or for the day... Read More

What is bad customer service costing your business?

Is bad customer service creating a leak in your business, letting potentially loyal customers slip away... Read More